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Satu Bumi Jaya is a team of creatives – writers, film makers, photographers and designers – with extensive experience, understanding and engagement with communities, development programmes and stakeholders across Indonesia and the wider region. Our goal is to tell stories directly from those who we seek to support and empower. We don’t just document, we engage; ensuring ownership of stories for communities, and promoting the voices, hopes and challenges of those so often left out. Our methods are inclusive, not invasive. All aspects of our impact are considered and aligned to ensure the comfort and ease required to obtain real and meaningful information and stories of change. Our work speaks for itself.

Our Team

Will Shea – Executive Director

With over a decade of experience across Indonesia and Australia, Will’s background in writing and the development sector resulted in the establishment of Satu Bumi Jaya. Will likes to work hands-on directly with storytellers and clients alike, and brings his own unique approach to documentary making that has been fine-tuned by limited study or training in film making.

Rarkyan Astungkara – Visual Manager

One of the original Satu Bumi Jaya team, Rarkyan (or Ian) handles the array of key visual aspects from storyboard development through to final film and product publication. Ian’s experience in design, videography and editing has expanded alongside the organisation itself, while also allowing him to delve further into social and cultural issues and interests that are prevalent across the country.

Resti Tiara Sari – Project Coordinator and Photography
Resti is SBJ’s newest member and supports an array of film production elements, as well as adding extra value with her keen photographic eye.

Hendi Wahyudi– Videographer and Editor

Nur Arief Hidayat – Editor

Ari holds in-depth experience across all elements of post-production and editing, as well as significant graphic and animation skills. His attention to detail and unrivalled understanding ensures that what enters through the SBJ team’s camera lens is portrayed to audiences professionally and using the most attractive and innovative tools. Ari also engages on SBJ shoots as a drone pilot and for photographic support.

Muzdalifah N. Falah – Visual Support

Anysia Kristanti – Business and Communications

Another of SBJ’s founders, Anysia supports the team through a range of business and communications matters. Anysia’s own sustainable homewares and furniture business also works cross-collaboratively with the SBJ storytelling projects.

Diana Lende – Business Assistant

Mohamad Nur Efendi– Mohamad Nur Efendi



We develop stories with and from local communities and the environment they call home, through engaging, attractive and exceptionally ‘real’ projects. Our team is available to discuss commissioned projects that fit with our vision and mission that guides our documentary and storytelling work.


Our team’s diverse background and experience see us lead the way in visual-based communication and knowledge management projects and products. This background ensures we understand audiences, government and other stakeholders, as well as the programs and interventions implemented by development organisations, and can utilise this knowledge to create strong and valuable projects and outcomes.


Satu Bumi Jaya was founded on innovative visual research projects, and has continued to develop empowering and meaningful participatory films with a number of vulnerable communities. We continue to build on this experience and the lessons learned, and are always open to discussing similar projects with any interested parties.


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